Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hallam Foe

Recorded Hallam Foe on sky indie last night and watched it this mornig while doing my art coursework. It was brilliant! I had heard about it when it was coming out and heard interveiws with Jamie Bell (billy elliot) on the radio. His performance was outstanding and he reminded me aot of James McAvoy. The film is a dark, coming of age movie. Its rated at eighteen, theres alot of adult themes and sexual scenes, but i think it should be a 15. If you are old enough i definatley think you should watch it! Ta x


On Wednesday 18th Feb I went to see Twilight.
It is coming to the end of its stint in my local cinema, and was only on at 10:15 in the morning.
I did not want to get up so early during half term and wasn't sure i even wanted to see the film because i had heard it was rubbish and i haven't read the book. My friend Vicky who i was accompanying me on orange Wednesday was having none of it. She had seen the film 4 times already and insisted i went with her to see it again.
Somewhat reluctantly i got up and met at the cinema just after ten.

The film started and i was swept away with the story. Ive always liked vampire stories, and the vampire, teen movie combination made me happy :) Not to mention i think that Edward, the lead role, is perffffeeeect and gorgeous, and im super jelous of Bella.
It wasnt the best quality film, nor was the acting or effects or costume anything to write home about. But i would recommend seeing it!

Went out afterwards and bought the best selling book the film was based on. And its brilliant too. Top Notch.

Friday, 20 February 2009

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

On Sunday 15th Feb i went to see The curious case of Benjamin Button.
It is definitely one of the best films i have seen in a long time, combining blockbuster with art film to make a masterpiece.
Running at 166 minutes long, i thought time flew, my boyfriend however thought it dragged and expected alot more from it.
But he knows nothing :P

The whole evening following the film i couldn't stop thinking about it. The storyline was so magical, and the special effects were definitely something to be proud of. Made me want to be a make up artist for film, but i dont have the talents, and its a VERY competitive business.
Brad Pitt deserves al the awards he can get. And Cate Blanchett looked gorgeouuuus!

In a word. Magical.