Sunday, 21 November 2010

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part One

Its the film I've been waiting for forever. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and in my opinion the films have gotten better with each one. Especially, i must add, since David Yates started directing them. There's something i really love about the colours of Yates's Potter films. The contrast between all the black and the muted natural colours is really beautiful, and even more so within the intense landscapes that this film is set. Yates transformed the Harry Potter series from lighthearted children's films to dark and epic films for us slightly older ones. He's an absolute genius. Full stop. At the end of the last film i did not think that the films could get any better, but then once i saw the adverts i knew i was going to be in for a treat.I was not disappointed.
Naturally, every scene was styled, acted and shot perfectly. Everything was just as i imagined. If not better. Im pretty sure Voldemort is the coolest bad guy, ever - and his return to power was just too much for me to handle.
In Deathly Hallows, none of the story is set in Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione take a year out from the school, now run by Snape, to find the remaining Horcruxes. It was almost like I wasn't watching Harry Potter at all - no school, no robes- if it wasn't for the fantastical spells and ever so familiar cast.
Im finding it very hard to describe in words just how much i enjoyed this film. If i were talking to you i would probably articulate myself with a series of noises. Oooooooh's and Aaaaaaaaaagh's! The number of beautiful people, especially Ron, the number of fights, deaths, and revelations. Wow.I only cried once. With happiness, but i came close so many times by the drama and the heartbreak in the story. I have to give kudos the stars in this film for being such amazing actors. Its been an incredible journey up until now, watching them grow and develop and its SO SAD to think that after the release of Part Two, we might never see them work together again. Oh boy.

Ten out of ten. Id give it more if i could, but thats against the rules. Im gonna go see it again on monday so might have some edits to make to this post :) xx

Due Date

Last week, on orange wednesday, Emma and I went to see Due Date. After Todd Phillips' triumph with The Hangover, i was really excited to see this film. Not to mention how excited i was to see Robert Downey Junior :D
I wouldn't say it was THE funniest thing in the world ever but i was highly entertained and had a laugh! The script was very well written and Zach Galifianakis was hilarious, as always! I really enjoyed the story, the crazy things that went on- Although i do think that it was a bit of a remake of the John Hughes classic, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but a bit more try hard. Overall i give Due Date a 7/10, for sheer entertainment :D xx