Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Illusionist

Finally went to see "The Illusionist". It was amazing, and more than lived up to my high expectations. The illustration and animation were incredible. I was just like oooh and aaah the whole way through. It was actually really funny but also really sad and moving. The characters in it are french, but to our surprise the film was mainly set in Edinburgh which made it even better! And, to add to that, the very cinema we were sat in was featured in the film which was pretty cool :D haha. Couldn't stop thinking about owning it on DVD so i could really study it more. Felt genuinely inspired and uplifted after seeing it. It was a refreshing change and i really loved it. Hope i make films like this one day! I give it a definate 10/10, voila! Parfait! x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Winters Bone (2010)

Its been ages since my last film blog update, but i figured since i've started studying film now at university it would be a good time to start again :)!
Last night, after the unfortunate selling out of french animation, "The Illusionist", i went to see "Winters Bone", based on the novel of the same title by Daniel Woodrell.
The film follows a teenage girl and her struggle to raise her younger siblings and ill mother after her fathers dissaperance. When the ownership of her house comes under threat, she tries to find her father, but the people in her town aint the nicest people and she ends up in a lot more trouble than she thought.
Personally, i thought the film was a little slow and depressing. There wasn't alot of dialogue, or action, but i guess that only portrayed the girls life more realistically. Visually, the film was beautiful and really inspiring. The colours were a muted colour palette, and the shots were directed perfectly.
Overall i think i give this film 6/10. Id recommend seeing it, and wouldnt pass up a second viewing if i spotted it on tv :)