Tuesday, 17 March 2009

British Cinema; reviews

Atonement (2007)
I rate atonement as 5/5. I saw the film once at the cinema, and have watched it many many times more at home on DVD. Everything about the film is perfect, the casting, the script, the cinematography, the music. For me, Atonement is one of the best film s of all time, and what makes it even better is the fact that its British. Atonement grossed $42 million in the USA alone, and £11.6 million in the UK. Nominated for 7 oscars and winning the award for best picture at both the Baftas and the Golden Globe, atonement dismissed any myths that British cinema is a dying art. 
Most reviews i have read rate Atonement as 4 stars. 
Even American reviewers, like the Chicago Sun Times, and Rolling Stone magazine, rate it highly, and describe it as 'a miracle' and 'the best film of the year'. 

St Trinians (2007)
I rate St Trinians as 4/5.  I have enjoyed the film both times i have seen it, once at the cinema and again at home on Sky. The second time with my movie buff mum, who viewed it with an open mind and gave it the full enjoyment it deserves. Although the film was slated by the British press and anicipated to be a failure, St Trinians grossed £11.8 million in the UK. With its quirky comedy and all star cast, St Trinians rates highly in my books. I am surprised by the reactions of the critics, who describe it as 'naff, shaming and depressing', with 2 stars, when its American rival film, of the same basic story line, 'Wild Child', managed 3 stars.