Monday, 18 October 2010

A single man

A Single Man, directed by designer Tom Ford was one of, if not, the most stylish film i have seen in a long time. Every shot was so well composed and the use of colour was incredible. It really blew me away how gorgeous the film looked, you can tell the director knows what looks good and what doesn't. I couldn't contain my excitement at how beautiful the film was and on top of that, all the beautiful clothes and beautiful people in it. Colin Firth, as ever, was brilliant. I connected with him straight away and was completely heart broken by his story :( And saw another side again to Nicholas Hoult which showed that he's not just a pretty face.
This film was beautiful and devastating. 10/10. Without question.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Mr Nice

Last week with Slackers club, three days before general release we were given the privilege to go and see "Mr Nice". The film is a screen adaptation of Howard Mark's novel of the same name, about his life and career. Before seeing the film, i knew nothing about the man, but after watching it was so intrigued by him that i have watched a number of interviews and documentaries and was even lucky enough to see him do a talk/stand up on friday night here in Edinburgh.
The story of Mr Nice follows him through from his Oxford years, to the years he spent in prison after being the biggest drug smuggler of all time, as well as a government spy and best friends with a member of the IRA. The film was intriguing, hilarious, and also had its heartbreaking moments. It was really well shot and i loved the use of stock footage and green screen, genius! Rhys Ifans, as always was amazing. He was so cool and genuine and could tell he was enjoying playing the part. David Thewlis too was incredible, barely recognizable, ROTFL funny, and totally convincing. Chloe Sevigny looked gorgeous in the part also and it made me want to be her even badly.
Definately, 10/10 :) xx