Thursday, 23 June 2011


Albatross is a 'coming of age comedy drama' about two girls, one an aspiring Oxford student (Beth) and the other (Emilia) a rebellious wannabe writer. As soon as Emilia walks into "The Cliff House" Hotel owned by Beth's family, everybody loves her. Beth wants her as a friend, her little sister wants to be her, and her father (sexy professor type, played by Sebastian Coch) see's her as his muse. But is she really the person everyone thinks she is?
I really enjoyed this film, i think, mainly because I am a teenage girl too. There were many middle aged men in this screening who i think would feel very differently. I thought Felicity Jones was lovely and fell in love with new comer Jessica Brown Findlay. From the opening shot i got a "Sugar Rush" vibe from the film, which carried on throughout, and thats good with me! FOUR STARS.

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