Saturday, 18 June 2011


Last night I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to see the documentary film "Calvet" by director Dominic Allen. "Calvet" tells the story of french painter, Jean Marc Calvet and documents his journey as he tries to find his son, whom he abandoned as a child. The film follows Calvet as he confides in Allen about his traumatic childhood and battle with drug addiction. When I was lucky enough to witness the question and answer session with them after the screening, Calvet describes the process as being "therapeutic".
Tormented by the memories of his parents divorce, and years of living in hiding, Calvet turned to painting as a form of escaping. His painting, influenced by Latin American art, illustrates the pain and suffering throughout Calvet's life - and helps him to identify and understand the mistakes he has made.
The film is a beautiful and emotional journey, assisting but never intruding the eye-opening confession of Jean Marc Calvet. After watching the film I felt a great connection to the character and was left with a intense feeling of hope. I feel this film took a lot of courage on behalf of the director and the star when making this film and I respect them alot for this.
On Friday I am blessed with the opportunity to meet the director of this film. With an interest in a career in documentary film making myself, I am hoping to learn a lot from him.


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