Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Our Day Will Come

Our Day Will Come is a beautiful french feature film, with the perfect blend of violence and humour. Vincent Cassel (Black Swan), was amazing, his character was so easy to identify with and never failed to evoke emotion from the audience. The script was incredibly well written, funny and full of surprises. Never before have I sat in a cinema and heard everyone laugh of loud together and gasp in horror with one another.
The story tells of a depressed doctor who takes pity on a misunderstood young man, who is running away from home. He takes the boy under his wing as his protege and together, they travel across france, and he teaches him the ways of the world.
Directed by Romain Gavras, best known for the M.I.A music video for Born Free, i knew the film would be controversial. Similarly to the video, the film tackles racism, and uses "red-heads" as the minority. Although racism is a serious issue, using ginger people added to the comedy of the film.
I am going to give this film FOUR STARS. It would have had five but i felt the story lost track a little towards the end :)

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