Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fast Romance

I have been very lucky, that every film I have seen in this years festival has been really good. Until now...
Fast Romance is the intertwining story of a group of people and their love lives. Its been done before, and been done well, Paris Je T'aime, for example. However this "Sex and The City meets Gregorys Girl" was a bit of a let down. Yes, parts of it were funny and parts of it were sad, but all in all, I found myself not really caring about the characters, and the acting wasn't great.
Saying this, it could have been MUCH worse and still feel I've done well if this is the worst film I've seen so far. The best thing about this film i feel was the soundtrack which featured a lot of up and coming Scottish Artists, such as Little Eye and A Band Called Quinn, who i have been listening to quite a bit since watching the film :)
Sorry, but TWO STARS! x

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