Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ewen Bremner

This morning we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ewen Bremner. Ewen is a well known face in cinema and has starred in many blockbusters as well as numerous indie films. Ewen is probably best known for his role as Spud in the 1996 Danny Boyle film, "Trainspotting". Since Trainspotting is one of my favourite films, it is safe to say i was totally star struck in our Q&A session.
Bremner was completely different to how i had expected. Foolishly i had thought he would be just like Spud's character during the interview scene in Trainspotting. Hyper-active and with a thick, almost un-recognizable scottish accent. In actual fact, he was an extremely laid back and friendly guy. He answered our questions wisely and seemed as interested in us as we did in him. During the Q&A I learnt a lot about him and was shocked to hear he tried very hard to "get out of" playing the role of Spud, and also tends to not watch the films he has been in. He is missing out.
It was a refreshing change, I thought, to be told about the industry from an actors point of view, especially one so well respected. He gave us a lot of advise, such as what attracts an actor to a script, and how best for a director to direct their cast.
Ewen was such a lovely guy and i really do feel lucky to have had this opportunity to meet and talk to him in a room full of only ten other people. Hopefully ill get the chance to meet him again sometime! Thanks Ewen!


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